Hit It Longer

The Mike Austin Golf Swing… For me it started when a friend of mine asked a question. He asked, how far was the longest drive in a PGA event? So, I do a Google search and run into Mike Ausin and his incredile 515 yard Guiness Book of World Records drive. The monster drive was struck in 1974 when he was a youthful 64 years old. A persimmon headed driver with a 43 and 1/2 inch steel shaft and a balata 100 compression ball. It just seems impossible. Then I find some Youtube clips of Mike. WOW! What a swing. Not what I envisioned at all. A smooth, flowing, balanced, and ahtletic move. Me likee. It turns out Mike thought about the swing differently. He studied he human motion, kinesiology. He worked as a scientist, and was well versed in physics and engineering. He learned how to make the “human machine” work in the most efficient way to hit a golf ball. Ands he taught it. Mike Dunaway, who many consider the straigtest and most consistent long driver of all time was 100% Mike Austin  taught.  So, I started my quest to perfect this method. I studied a DVD (Peace River) of Mike and Mike showing the swing. I improve but need/want more. In my search for someone who understands the Mike Austin swing method I run into the controversy online concerning Mike, his method, and those who are teaching his principles. Many of the coaches have “evolved” from the swing Mike believed was correct. Many misunderstand exactly what Mike was teaching. My online search lead me to Hit It Longer and Steve Pratt. Steve teaches the Mike Austin swing in the Los Angeles area (Lindero Country Club in Westlake). Steve’s approach is to teach what he learned from Mike, in his opinion the system is simply the best and needs no additions, or reinterpretations. He has studied Kinesiology as did Mike, he was taught by Mike and watched Mike teach countless lessons,. He offers his expertise in the Mike Austin method to anyone who wants to learn a better swing. I have found the man who will help me perfect my version of the Mike Austin swing.

Although I had improved quite a bit on my own, I was convinced I could get much closer to the technique. I should note: I want to use this swing to play my best golf and hitting long drives is only a small part of that equation. The accuracy and ease on the body are more critical factors in my opinion. At 55 I need a swing that won’t destroy me. Steve asked me, “Well, how deep down the rabbit hole do you want to go”? All the way was my answer.  I am writing this blog to introduce people to Steve, it is the least I can do for the help I am getting on my “quest”, but I will also relay my progress to anyone inerested from time to time.

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